Wedding cakes are one of the real protagonists of your wedding day, second only to the bride, and its moment has to be unforgettable. This because the cutting of the cake is a symbolic gesture that the couple do together, in front of all guests. But details to keep in mind are several and it can be somewhat confusing to choose your dream cake. Here’s some tips to do things right.

Wedding cakes for same-sex couples

The choice of the cake for a same-sex wedding has to follow the same principles in style. The only difference is that you can chose to give a symbolic significance to the cake, as the central element of the most symbolic moment of the wedding after the rings exchange, making clear that yours is not only a wedding but a socially and politically conscious exercise of freedom.

So, beyond gender distinctions, here’s a small guide to make easier your choice of the wedding cake.

1. Consider the last wedding cakes trends

English style wedding cake, covered and decorated with sugar, is still fashionable. So as naked cakes, with a absent or minimal outer layer of frosting, which shows off the cake’s natural texture and filling. Moreover is now back in fashion 80’s and 60’s style cake, on a metal or plexiglass splashback, perfect for a retro style party.

2. Wedding cake has to be in accordance with the wedding style

Nothing better that a naked cake for a country-chic wedding, with is natural and simple appearance, but more elegant and chic personalities, can prefer a white cake decorated with sugar flowers with a flowery cake topper. An alternative to those who do not want to take it too seriously, is the drip cake, buttercream cakes with chocolate or icing dripping.

3. Cake composition is fundamental

Here’s some examples of wedding cakes composition.

Tier cake

A very scenographic solution, made from 3 to 5 tiers, traditionally one on top of the other but also layed down on separated and not perpendicular splashbacks, for a less structured appearance.

English style cake

Layed on 3 levels, unlike tier cake, it doesn’t develop vertically because its base is much wider and it is enough to support other layers, with no need of supports or splashbacks.

Classic cake

Made of only onne layer, it’s less scenographic of the previous two cake style, but it’s always a refined and classic choice.

Monoportion cupcake

Cupcake is made of small portions of cake, real miniature wedding cakes, finely decorated as a actual size wedding cake. To not to give up on the cake cutting, you’d better to ask also for a slightly bigger cake for the grooms or brides. It’s presented on a multi-layer structure and are made so to have a portion for each guest.

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