Getting married is one of life’s most joyful occasions, from saying yes to choosing your dress to planning your once in a lifetime honeymoon.

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But beware! That normal happy-go-lucky bride may find the stress all too much and turn – temporarily, but turn all the same – into a definite bridezilla.

In this article we take a look at some of the demands these demons might make.

Do As I Say!

From asking her bridesmaids to buy their own bridesmaid dresses to organising a lavish hen do half way around the world, that’s only the tip of the crazy world of the stressed-out bride.

Lose Weight or Lose Out

You are over the moon to be asked by your best friend to be her bridesmaid; you spend a fabulous evening drinking prosecco and pouring over wedding magazines. The next day you are up and out early to start the process of dress shopping. But the atmosphere in the bridal shop takes a sour turn when your best friend tells you that if you want to be by her side on her big day then you need to lose weight. What?

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It’s All About Me!

Some brides really do think that their maid of honour should be at her beck and call in the run-up to her big day. We’ve heard some pretty terrifying stories. Unlike many brides-to-be who take a back seat, encouraging their bridesmaids to choose their own dresses from outlets such as, some are total control freaks. It really shouldn’t be a full-time job being a maid of honour!

I’ll Decide!

We’ve heard tales of brides demanding their bridesmaids not only lose weight but dye their hair the same colour. That can prove to be particularly hard for those bridesmaids who just don’t like pink.

A Child-Free Zone

Some precious brides say a big no to any children ruining their big day by simply turning up. This can cause real upset for both family and friends who have anybody in their lives who is under 16.

I Won’t Be Outdone!

And then there are those brides who want to shine so brightly that they positively demand their maids look as plain Jane as she so wishes.

Our advice? Think carefully before you say yes!

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