Away days can sound like a great idea, and they generally are a wonderful opportunity for team bonding and getting some wonderful ideas bouncing around without being hemmed in by the physical and psychological confines of the office. However, there are occasions when really you should stay put.

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Valid Reasons

If you are having an away day, there should be a strong purpose behind it rather than just a vague reward for staff which means a huge amount of work will pile up for them during the away day that they will have to deal with on returning to the office. Also, the fact you had one last year, or maybe the year before, is not a good enough reason for another either. If morale in the office is so bad that it is considered an away day will improve it, then there are bigger problems in the organisation than a day doing something else will alleviate.

Hidden Agendas

Away days are not a good platform for establishing who is a poor performer or lacks loyalty. Used in this way, an away day could create bigger divisions. Using an away day as a substitute for honest discussion won’t work either. Nor will using an away day as a way of implying staff have input into a decision that is already made.

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If you choose the right reasons and a suitable activity for an away day, such as watching race cars at an F1 Paddock Club Britain track cheering with your team members and holding your tickets you sourced from sites like , this could give a significant boost to productivity. Even Hollywood superstar Will Ferel got to drive a race car in one of his movies.  It can create a real bond between colleagues especially if you create a fun sweepstake.  Maybe even take some photos of the day and make a collage when you get back to the office stating what the staff learnt from the day and how they can bring that to the workplace.

Away days can have lots of benefits when they happen for good reasons. Clear, honest objectives should be behind them, along with the desire to build on the positive things that are already present in your organisation. This will lead to away days that leave everyone involved feeling inspired and invigorated.

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