Art and creative play are important components of child development. The act of artistic expression helps young people cultivate important life skills like problem solving and critical thinking, while also assisting personal growth by fostering self-awareness and self-worth. In the past, scholastic arts programs would help children explore creatively, but those classes seem to be disappearing. Music, for instance, is withheld from the elementary school education of approximately 1.3 million American students. Now, studies have shown that the nation’s children are less creative than in recent years. It’s an alarming trend, but it doesn’t need to impact your child’s growth. Here are three ways to help increase a youngster’s creativity.

Give Good Gifts

A child may want the newest video game or tech device, but too often those items inhibit creative growth. If your child likes television and movies, give him or her a movie camera. Youngsters who love music may ask for a digital music subscription, but the gift of a guitar, flute or keyboard will be much more rewarding as he or she makes their own music. Books are another gift perfect for young people. Reading exciting stories, such as those in science fiction novels, enhances a child’s imagination and encourages them to see the world around them from different perspectives.

Discover Nature

Nothing gets a child’s creative juices flowing more than experiencing nature. Watch the amazement on a young face as a child examines the intricacies of a budding flower, looks out across a starry sky or marvels at a bug scurrying on the ground.

Be an Example

Children often mimic the behavior of parents and caregivers, so make sure you are setting a proper example. Take time to explore your favorite creative arts and encourage your child to do the same. Watching you have fun while singing, dancing, writing or painting will inspire a child to do the same.

There is nothing more wonderful than the imagination of a child. Encourage your young one’s creativity by employing these three tips.

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