When it comes to purchasing a gun, there are many things to consider. Buying a firearm can be a much more complex decision than say buying a car or a new TV. There are significantly more manufactures, types and calibers of firearm.  Some find it a daunting task that they’d rather avoid.  One brand of firearm that appeals to beginners and veterans alike are Glock guns. Read below to see why these firearms are a beneficial addition to any armory.

Super Reliable

Glocks have been proven through duty and torture testing unlike any other guns out there.  It takes a lot to stop a Glock from functioning optimally. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another gun that will keep going through ice, heat, dirt, sand, and even water.  Not to say that other firearms can’t be as dependable, but Glock definitely sets the bar high.


What makes the Glock such a phenomenal product is how inexpensive and accessible they are.

For instance, when the Glock 17 first became available for purchase, Glock undercut the competition greatly. This means a more reasonably priced and inexpensive weapon for consumers.

Easy to Maintain

All it takes are two, simple tools to do most work on Glocks- a pin punch and a knife. There are hundreds of Glock guides on YouTube that show step-by-step guides on how to modify or repair your weapon. Better yet, the Glock does not need to be cleaned as often. Say goodbye to having to disassemble and reassemble your firearm before and after each shooting session.


Glock is one of the most customizable, interchangeable firearms. Every accessory you can imagine is available with a Glock gun. From laser guide rods to drum magazines, there are loads of companies that are dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of Glock aftermarket parts.

The Glock gun has many features that appeal to a range of shooting skill levels.  If you’re looking for a fun, user-friendly, self-defense weapon, the Glock is a great option.

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