The Lexus brand, Toyota’s luxury car offshoot, has long had a reputation for delivering quality and reliability. This is an impressive achievement for a brand that only launched its first car as recently as 1989.

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The annual Driver Power survey run by Auto Express magazine measures real-world reliability and satisfaction with cars by asking owners how happy they are with their vehicles.

Over the years, Lexus cars have regularly appeared in the top 10. However, in 2016, they managed an impressive five cars, taking first, second, fourth, ninth and tenth places. Incidentally, third place also went to a Toyota.

The famous five

What are the five cars that have allowed Lexus to achieve this feat? In first place is the mark three version of the RX crossover, a car that has sold millions around the world and has a well-deserved reputation.

Second place is taken by the third-generation Lexus IS. This rival for the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3-series has long been a popular choice for people seeking a compact executive car that’s a bit different from the German norm.

Fourth place goes to the IS’s larger cousin, the GS. This is a car that offers not only reliability but comfortable, relaxed cruising and a high level of luxury and standard equipment that make it feel like a special place to be.

The Lexus NX medium SUV takes the ninth spot. With distinctive looks and available as an economical hybrid version, the NX is a relatively new model, which makes its appearance in the top ranks of the survey all the more impressive.

Rounding out the top 10 is the CT hatchback, this too is available as a hybrid and is another Lexus that is well equipped and appeals to those who want something a bit different from the mainstream. However, the CT’s styling won’t suit everyone.

Reliability is an important factor for car buyers, and Lexus owners are clearly pleased with their vehicles. This has made Lexus a serious player in the executive car market despite a relatively late entry, and with performance like this in reliability surveys, the brand is likely to go from strength to strength.  When a company uses strong, quality materials like metal to build parts of their cars using metal bonding adhesive to keep them together, it’s no wonder their doing well.  To get your own adhesive why not check out links like

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