Music and art have created an amazing genre of creative work called pop art that is appealing to millions of old and young art lovers. Some even refer it to cosmic art as it has the elements of the Universe in the form of stars, the moon, the sun, and planets. Many young and new artists follow pop art and are embracing it as a form of expression through colors, shapes, vibrant themes and patterns. These artists are coming up with ideas that are not only creative but colorful and extremely vibrant as well!

Peter Max – The iconic name behind pop art and cosmic art in the USA

Peter Max is the artist behind some of the most inspirational and iconic pieces of pop art in the world. He has been inspired to paint by his mom and dad since childhood. He has been trained under some of the best artists in the world, and for 50 years he has been gifting the world with some amazing pieces of cosmic and pop art. He has the been selected as the official artist for 6 Grammy Awards; he is the artist behind the popular 7-Up campaign, he has been the official artist for 6 American Presidents and has created artwork for major music and sporting events in the USA. He has also worked on the Statue of Liberty series, and Verizon has displayed his work. He loves to use a lot of bold themes, shapes, and color. This is why if you see his work once, it is hard to forget.

Music posters from 1960 to 1970s

He had created some memorable music posters and album covers that covered the psychedelic music period in the 1960s to 1970s. He has been close to eminent music bands like The Beatles and has created paintings of them as well. If you take a look at his work, you will find that every piece is unique and very different from the previous work created by him. Though he has worked on the same subject in many of his artwork, he has managed to lend a different angle to each of the paintings created with the same subject as inspiration. He draws inspiration from his imagination, and this helps him to create stunning artwork that crosses barriers to appeal to people of all ages and from diverse cultures.

Agents from museums and galleries regularly carry out his exhibitions. Art lovers from across the country come to appreciate his creative talent when it comes to art. Peter Max still loves to paint even after being in the industry for over 50 years. He is a political activist and environmentalist today. He works on themes to save the environment and spread the message of recycling. He was pained by the Oil Spill that took place in 1968 at Santa Barbara. This was his wake up call to focus his art on saving the planet and successfully spreading his message to people located in all nations of the world!

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