Looking for ways to upgrade your handgun? There are many parts and accessories on the market that can make your weapon both more functional and effective for your needs. These are some of the most common glock accessories.


Upgrading the sight on your gun can dramatically improve your target acquisition, accuracy and precision. Make sure you choose a sight that has a sturdy construction but won’t make drawing your weapon difficult. If you’re concerned about visibility in low light conditions, look for sights that use brightly colored dots or lamps. Check out glock competition sights if you frequently participate in competitive shooting.

Trigger Upgrades

Glock triggers are known for being less clean than what is ideal. If you want to make a big change, there are replacement triggers on the market that will give you a smooth trigger feel. Like sights, higher quality triggers will be on the expensive side. Instead of replacing your trigger, you may want to settle for easier upgrades like polishing the trigger bar or replacing the connector, which can make your trigger feel smoother and lighter.


Everyone who owns a handgun needs a holster, but you can always upgrade to one that’s more stylish, comfortable or practical considering the hundreds that are on the market. If you have a concealed carry, you can get various styles of holsters to suit your body type as well as different types of apparel such as formal wear or workout gear. The most important thing is to ensure that the holster you choose will keep your weapon secure and allow you to safely and easily draw your weapon if necessary.

There are always new handgun parts and accessories being advertised, but don’t get too overwhelmed. While many accessories are simply for fun or are only required for certain uses, others can be a practical way to enhance your weapon.

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