Florida’s waterfronts have a wide variety of activities for boat owners, from excursions into the state’s freshwater wetlands for fishing or exploration to the many oceanside activities that draw tourists from all over. If you’re investing in a boat so you can have some freedom on the water, one of the first things you need to do to get ready for the purchase is figuring out your storage options. Here are some options.

1. Trailer and Cover with Outdoor Storage

If you have room at home and you want to keep your boat out of the water to avoid saltwater corrosion, it’s pretty easy to put it on a trailer and cover it against the elements with a custom cover. Just park it in your outdoor storage spot and it will be ready to go when you hook it up to your trailer hitch and drive off. Of course, that only works with boats up to a certain size, because you need to buy one that is small enough you can pull it.

2. Indoor Storage

You can skip the all-weather cover and get something lighter to keep the dust off if you rent out an indoor storage space, while enjoying the mobility that dry storage on a trailer brings. This also keeps the boat out of the water, which helps prevent wear and corrosion, especially if you mostly go out on saltwater. Again, it’s size limited by what you can pull with your vehicle.

3. Use a Marine Lift

In saltwater, marine boat lifts provide you with a way to get your boat up and out of the water, allowing you to avoid the extra wear that constant exposure to saltwater puts on the hull. In freshwater, it makes cleaning the boat’s hull easier and provides you with a way to secure the vessel in the event of inclement weather. Florida marine construction specialists can help you learn more about costs and financing.

Don’t wait to make the right decision about how you’re going to store your new boat. Explore your options today.

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