Athens is one of the most important historical cities in Europe.  It is said that like other metropolitan cities, Athens never sleeps. The tourists coming from all around the globe want to see how people spend their nights in Athens. They want to experience the nightlife in the city that is one of the most popular tourist’s destinations in the world. When you are in Athens, you can’t miss μπουζούκια αθήνα. This is what where Athenians enjoy most going. In fact, they spend more money at these clubs than anywhere else.

Nightlife in Athens:

The nightlife in Greece starts when the rest of Europe goes to its bed. Athenians like to go out and party till dawn. Athens is the city that offers more opportunities for nightlife than any other city. It is the city that is more vibrant at night when sunsets and people spend their nights enjoying. In simple words, you can say that Athens has an active nightlife which attracts millions of tourists to the city every year.

If you are in Athens, then there are a lot of options to spend nights there. Go to watch an ancient Greek drama or enjoy a music night. Whatever you choose, Athens gives you a chance to spend a night the way you want to. Well, the best option is to enjoy bouzouki, which is a unique phenomenon of Athens’s nightlife.

What is bouzouki?

Whenever you think about Athens, Greece, the first thing that comes into the mind is bouzouki. It has been a part of the traditional music of Greece for years. There are various clubs that play bouzouki at night. These clubs are called bouzoukia. As a matter of fact, bouzoukia is the place where the majority of Athenians enjoy most going. They do not hesitate about spending money at bouzoukia.

There are almost fifty or sixty bouzoukia in Athens. Remember that bars with live music and taverns are not included in it. If you are planning to go to a bouzoukia, you should reserve a table a couple of days before as these clubs remain busy all the time?  These clubs remain open for five to seven days a week. Well, it depends on the popularity of the club. The show at these clubs starts at midnight when the sunsets. The shows end when the sun rises.

Bouzoukia shows Singers:

The singers at bouzoukia shows consist of the famous singers accompanied by the young artists. The main singers take the stage at 2 am. The show starts with the young artists who do not have their own albums. They start singing the Greek hits, and then the famous singers come on the stage and start signing their own hit songs. Bouzouki is the instrument that is the compulsory part of bouzoukia.

If you have any plans to visit Athens, then do not miss the musical night. Bouzoukia is the place you must visit when you are in Athens. In fact, μπουζούκια αθήνα is the most attractive thing in Athens at night.

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